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Sunday, June 28 – 10:30 a.m.

(8:00 a.m. – Traditional Worship)

We welcome back Mr. John Dujka from Blinn College, who, along with our Praise and Worship Team, will lead us in an uplifting liturgy set to traditional German folk tunes.

Fellowship Luncheon   …  German Style!!!

A luncheon of traditional German foods will be prepared by Design II and served in the Fellowship Hall following worship. The cost of the meal is $10/person.  Make your reservations by June 21. 979-836-5522 Members are encouraged to bring desserts to share.


Due to church renovations our temporary worship space will be held weekly in our Fellowship Hall.

8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.   The historic liturgy sets the tone for this hour of worship, which includes both time-honored hymns of the Church’s rich tradition and the best new hymns being written.                   

Praise and Worship   On the last Sunday of each month, at 10:30 a.m., we worship in a relaxed, casual style, led by a Praise Team and a variety of instruments.

Our MISSION is to teach and live God's Word, share God's love, sing God's praise, bring God's love to our community and world, and build right relationships inspired by God's grace.

The cross...We will take it.
The bread of life...We will break it.
The Gospel... We will live it.
The love of Christ...We will give it.
The pain of the world...We will bear it.
The joy God sends...We will share it.

Heaven Where is it?  How do we get there?

Beginning June 7 /9:15 a.m. /Room 216 /Leaders Pastor Fenton & Tim Meier

For centuries, human beings have looked to the heavens and asked the most simple, yet profound questions:  Where is Heaven? How do we get there?  Using an ABC News video, featuring Barbara Walters, class participants will engage with some of the world’s great religious leaders and scholars, including the Dalai Lama, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Dr. Calvin Butts, and Rabbi Neil Gillman, hearing from them about the differing views on Heave the world’s religions hold.


July Blessings and Milestones

              Sunday, July 12 will be a HUGE Day of Blessings here at St. Paul’s.  In addition to the regularly scheduled Second Sunday Birthday and Anniversary Blessings, we will also be blessing the Youth before they leave for the National Youth Gathering in Detroit. 

AND…we will be blessing those among us who have already…or will this year…retire.  (Yes!  There is a blessing for you!)

AND…we will be blessing those among us who will be empty-nesters come August.  We will recognize the change coming to your household and meet you where you will be with a blessing that day as well a prayer to take home with you that you might continue to seek God’s guidance through this milestone of your life.

AND after worship that day…there will be a Family Milestone Workshop with the focus on Celebrations and Rootedness! 

Family Milestone Workshop

Focus:  Celebrations and Rootedness – Faith in the Home

Date:  Sunday, July 12…right AFTER second service that day.

Meal:  SUDS & SPUDS!!!  (Root beer and baked potatoes!)

              All families of the church are invited to attend this exciting event.  After worship is over, we will pop up the tables and have a “fun” meal together.  We will spend some time in honest discussion about how we as parents boldly…or in many cases…timidly teach faith in our homes. 

I don’t know how it is for you all, but quite frankly even in my home...the biggest issue is:  WHEN and HOW do we make time to do that?  And how do we do that in a “mixed” faith/religion home?  

Come not just for the discussion…but for practical conversation about how to claim that parental role/responsibility.  AH…but this is not all “preachy-teachy” discussion…each family will make a Prayer Cube (or two) to take home and use.

Prayer Cubes???  Yep.  One for mealtime prayers…the other for bedtime prayers.  Hey – it’s one thing to get your family started in practicing faith at home!

The meal will be kid-friendly…baked potatoes with various toppings to choose from.  Yes.  There will be cheese!!!  And chili!!  And, of course, Root Beer!

Look for the bulletin inserts in the month of June to sign up your family as we will need a head count.  We don’t want to be short-spudded that day!

See you then!
Pastor Karen

Stewardship at St.Paul's

In all aspects of our ministry and mission it is our desire to be.....Good Stewards of God's Grace. Our stewardship of time, talent and treasure begins with the recognition that God is a generous giver. We believe in giving the stewardship of money regularly and according to God's generosity. We also teach the concept of Growth Giving---beginning where one is and growing toward or beyond the Biblical pattern of the tithe - 10%.



The CDS receives $.10 for each Box Top you save.

A collection jar is outside the school office.

Capital Campaign
One obvious result of an extensive ministry is facilities that need repair and renovation. It is important to properly care for what God has entrusted to us-so that our vision can continue to grow. We have initiated a capital campaign that will invite members, CDS Families and friends of the congregation to make a special gift toward these renovations.

SAVE THE DATE:   Sunday, October 4, 2015.   

                                 125th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION AT FIREMAN’S PARk
  St. Paul’s is 125 years old this year! We will celebrate our birthday with one
 service of worship at Fireman’s Park stadium and follow with a catered picnic.
Please save the date. If you are in contact with former members who no longer
live in the area, please share the date with them.
 Also, there is a plan to place a time-capsule into the renovated sanctuary
containing items that reflect our ministry and mission today.  If you have
suggestions for what items to include, please be in touch with an Anniversary


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